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Fanfiction 101

Drabble Display

Submit a short (1000 words or less) work of fanfiction for our Fanfiction 101 Display!

Rules: Your entry must be NO LONGER THAN 1000 words. It must be typed. Submit it using our online form, or email your entry to: Please include the following information with your email entry: Name, phone number, and the universe(s) you are writing about. Content must adhere to a G (General Audience) or T (Teens and Up) rating. No pervasive strong language, and no graphic depictions of violence or sex are allowed.

What’s Allowed: Any fandom, Any genre, Any relationship/pairing/orientation, Crossovers, and Alternate Universes

Writing Prompt: Include a RUBBER CHICKEN somewhere within your work (in honor of Svengoolie).

Deadline: Monday, August 7

Participants will have their stories featured in our interactive Fanfiction 101 Display during Fandom Fest on August 19, and also receive a participation prize.

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: txt rtf pdf doc docx odt.