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Large Meeting Room A&B

I LOVE PIZZA: Explore Southern Italy

Join avid European wanderer Ralph Danielsen on a journey to beautiful Southern Italy, which includes Naples, birthplace of the Pizza Pie. This travelogue will take us from Adriatic fishing towns to the gorgeous Amalfi coast, animated Napoli to charming Capri, perfect beach resorts to mighty Vesuvius. Come for the program and stay to check out our Pizza exhibit.
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Antarctic: Cruising Across the Circle

Seasoned travelers Barbara Sugden and Ron Vargason will take you on the voyage of a lifetime. Travel by small ship from the charming gateway village of Ushuaia, Argentina, through the infamous Drake Passage, along the Antarctic Peninsula, and across the Antarctic Circle. View rugged snow-capped mountains, heavy white glaciers, and blue icebergs. Meet penguins and seals, and hear a bit about the geography, geology, and history of the seventh continent. A must-see before The Endurance: History’s Greatest Shipwreck program on Wed., Jan. 18 at 10:30am.
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