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Wireless Printing

The Library offers remote printing with PrinterOn PrinterSpots. You can print a document using your Computer, Android or Apple tablet or phone, Blackberry and a web browser.

  • Print quickly and easily anywhere without installing print drivers.
  • Print virtually any type of document.
  • Document options include page range, orientation, and number of copies.
  • SSL security and automatic deletion of print data upon processing

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How to Print Remotely from a Computer or Tablet

  1. Prepare your document. Your document must be saved as a file or available as a web page that does not require a login.
  2. Visit The PrintSpots Mobile Printing Service window will pop up.
  3. Select a printer.
  4. Printer Name Description Cost per page
    BW Printer The black and white printer queue at the Library. 10 cents
    Color Printer The color printer queue at the Library. 50 cents
  5. Enter a Barcode or Guest Name: for the document. Type a something that will help you identify your print job when you print it at the Print Release station. You can use your name, library card number, or other text of your choice.
  6. Select the document or web page to print.
  • Use the Browse button to browse for a file.
  • Type or copy the entire address of the web page to print. You can not print web pages that require a login, see the help page
  • Click the Next button (a triangle pointing to the right).
  • Select the desired page orientation, number of copies and which pages to print.
  • Click the Next button (a triangle pointing to the right).
  • Verify your selections and click the Print button on the right. Your document will be sent.
  • Visit the Library to release your job. Print jobs expire and are automatically deleted after 2 hours. Pay for printouts using your Niles Public Library District print and copy card.
  • Please note:

    • Documents that require a login to view cannot be printed. Download the document to print first, or save the web page as HTML or PDF, then try printing the saved document.
    • Print jobs expire and are automatically deleted after 2 hours.
    • Help is available by clicking the question mark (?) on the PrintSpots Mobile Printing Service window.
    • No refunds will be given for blank or unwanted pages.

    How to Print Remotely from a iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android phone or tablet, Blackberry

    1. Visit to download the app.
    2. Please note that you will not need to use the Release Code at the Print Release Station, you will only need to the first part of your email address before the @ symbol. For example; would type ABCDE321 at the Print Release Station to see and release print jobs.

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