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Gr. 4-8 Websites

Google and Wikipedia are cool, but they’re not the only way to search

Fact Monster Gives brief, age-appropriate information on topics of interest.

KidRex A custom, kid-friendly search for kids by kids


Here are some other categories to search:

Art, Music, CraftsReligionScience & Technology
Books, Authors, ReadersSportsScience Fair Project Ideas
Language ArtsUnited StatesSpace
Computer SkillsMathExtras
Social StudiesAnimals


Art, Music, Crafts

A.Pintura, Art Detective An interactive site that uses a detective story to learn about art.

Hands on Crafts Activities and info on a variety of crafts, including pottery, basket-making, etc.

Albright Artgames Interactive site that teaches about the elements artists use to tell a story with a picture.


Books, Authors and Readers

Children’s Literature Author Websites Find your favorite authors’ websites.

Guys Read Find great books here especially (but not only) for guys! Find the Lexile level for any book that has one.

AR Bookfinder Find the AR level and number of point for any book that has a quiz.

Kids Series & Sequels Find out what’s next in your favorite series.

Newbery Medal Winners All the Newbery award winners and honor books in one list.

TumbleBookLibrary Online picture books that move and talk! The TumbleBookLibrary collection also includes read-alongs for early readers, puzzles, games, book quizzes, audiobooks for older readers, and a collection of foreign language books.


Language Arts

Easy Bib Help with your bibliography and footnote citations. Be sure to copy and paste your work- EasyBib won’t save it.

Storyjumper Create and publish your own children’s book in 7 easy steps! (Requires free sign up)


Computer Skills

Scratch  Learn to code with this fun, free object-oriented language system developed for kids by MIT

Dance Mat Typing Learn to type in this offering from the BBC. Be careful of the teacher’s Scottish accent. Create your own website using an email and password to log in.


Social Studies

Library of Congress A fun look at our nation's official library

National Geographic Kids Excellent world news site with videos, activities, games, and stories.

Peace Corps Kids World Accept a mission to help a village.

United Nations  Information on the United Nations for students.



BBC Religions You can choose a short or long description of a wide range of small and large religions as Zoroastrianism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Hinduism. Long descriptions include information on beliefs, customs, traditions and holy days.

United Religions Initiative The basics on major world religions.


Catholic Forum Information on a variety of saints.

Catholic Information Network Saints, Martyrs and other holy people.



SI for Kids Sports Illustrated for Kids online includes current sports news, personalities, and more. Official site of the Olympic games. Includes information on individual sports and athletes expected to compete at upcoming Olympic games.


United States

50 Information on the 50 states (plus commonwealths and territories). Includes famous people, state flags, government, economy and more.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids Excellent information organized by grade level (K-12).  

Great Chicago Fire Lots of excellent info and pictures on the Great Chicago Fire.

Statetris Test your geography skills and manual dexterity by playing Tetris with US states instead of blocks.



Create a Graph Understand and create different kinds of graphs.

Math Activities (Includes a Spanish language section)

Practice Math Skills at IXL

Funbrain Math Arcade



Eagle Cam See live video from the National Conservation Training Center of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Elephant Sanctuary See live video, view pictures and learn about the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Panda Cam See live video from the San Diego Zoo.

Ape Cam See live video from the San Diego Zoo.

Westminster Kennel Club Site of the organization that holds one of the most prestigious dog shows in the world. This site covers various dog-related topics.


Science & Technology

AquaFacts Learn about marine animals and habitats from the Vancouver Marine Aquarium.

Catch the Science Bug Turn your home into your very own science lab using everyday household items. Watch videos, get ideas, and read all about the world you live in.

Earth Sky Science News Science topics and scientists in the news.

Exploratorium Excellent science site from the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.  Features hands-on activities, demos and exhibits.

How Things Are Made Find out how gum, refrigerators, shaving cream, fireworks, frisbees, etc. are made. Learn the history of the product, the materials, and how it’s made!

Wonderopolis Info on pretty much anything you've ever wondered about. If you can't find it, you can ask it.

KidsHealth for Kids Current health news and issues.

The Virtual Cave The amazing story of caves in words and pictures.

What’s it Like Where You Live? Learn all about biomes and habitats

Wildflower Information and Pictures Help identify and learn about wildflowers in our area and other areas.

Your Big Backyard and Ranger Rick Online From the National Wildlife Federation.

Discovery Kids Fun, facts, stories and games.


Science Fair Project Ideas

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen

Do Science

Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab

Science Hobbyist


Nasa’s Space Place Space games, projects and more for younger kids.

The Planets: a Multimedia Tour of the Solar System An excellent, detailed site about our solar system.


Lots more great websites

American Library Association's Great Websites for Kids