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Allrecipes Make everything from classic holiday favorites to bacon chocolate cupcakes.

Cooking Channel From the creators of Food Network, this channel is “for food people, by food people.”

Epicurious  Find recipes & menus, ask experts for advice, find ideas for holiday treats and watch how-to-cook videos. Plus, brownies.

Food Allergy Research & Education Information and resources that will help you to stay safe and live well with food allergies.

Food & Water Watch This non-profit organization advocates for healthy, safe food and access to safe and affordable drinking water.  Learn how goverment policies affect the food and water you consume.

Food Network Get the scoop on popular shows like Good Eats, find out who gets Chopped by Ted Allen this week and see what the Next Food Network Star is up to. Get easy access to food and nutrition information from the government.

Tasty Recipes and food videos for any occasion and situation.

Yummly Find recipes by ingredient, cuisine, nutrition, diet, allergy, taste or other criteria.  Try out the FoodFinder to discover a recipe for whatever suits your mood.